About Us

Our Story

We started CanvasCreed because the art industry didn't offer a way for us express the values that are important to us and remind ourselves of them when times are hard and hope is seems far.

We wanted high quality art pieces that could encapsulate our personality and our unique specific values; not just look pretty........and we weren't alone.

We were part of a growing generation of people who didn't connect with

traditional art and wanted something more personal. We realised we were part of a community of people who still wanted art, but a style of art revamped for the modern age, for modern values.

That's why we, at Canvas Creed design and print original art pieces that connect with the growing number of people who don't resonate traditional art.

Each month we release an original design exclusive to CanvasCreed that embodies the values of the most popular requests from our fans. However, after the month is over, the existing design is no longer avaialble for purchase.

Along the way, we received hundreds of request and stories about the lessons our fans have learned in life that form what they believe today (734 and counting to be exact).

Our mission moving forward is to represent the changing role of art in our society and bring it people with a new angle, a new spin, a message that connects with people better. We want to create art that people look up at and smile.So join our community and never look back.For future design requests, free to contact us anytime at contact@canvascreed.com.